Product Launch: 1:1 Manager Pack

Senior Managers are busy people… but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. The higher you get on the org chart, the more slammed you may be with meetings and responsibilities. These cards are designed to take the cognitive coaching load off everyone’s minds so you can have a fruitful 1:1 together as leaders.

Ticket Launch! Austin, TX (October 2019)

This is a perfect fall event for the newly-promoted or those who want to use their professional development dollars before they’re lost to 2019! We’re excited to bring SNYAM a new city… one that’s accessible to the whole country! Direct flights from over 50 cities around the world.

Let’s Talk Career Path: an ecourse for SNYAM alumni

The first course, Let’s Talk Career Path, focuses on the attendees individual paths – where they started, where they are now and where they are going – but also includes exercises and concepts that can be leveraged with their reports and teams.

Four Years of Plucky

Businesses, though they are believed to have been started in garages, basements and backyard sheds, are started over coffee. At least, that’s true about Plucky.

The Plucky Revolution.

Reflections on Year 2 of coaching, consulting and empowering humans in the workplace Recently I had a long conversation with my Dad about how religious institutions and other community-based groups are hurting these days. He asked me where people find what they used to get out of church or scouts or local communities. I suggested

People are your future.

Reflections on my first year consulting, coaching and helping people find their way. I never thought of myself as someone who would start and run her own business. I’m a good student; I wait for the bar to get set by someone else and then I throw every ounce of energy I have into leaping

Performance reviews for moms!

I always knew I’d be a working mom but I never quite realized what a redundant phrase that was until I had a baby 19 months ago.  Suddenly the meaning of the phrase “full time job” seemed completely insufficient. Forty hours a week? Try ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT. In my career I’ve participated in

Plucky heads west… and other announcements!

Tomorrow is spring. Let’s high-five about that, shall we? With spring comes change and I’m excited to announce that Plucky HQ is heading to the Bay Area! Starting May 1, I’ll be based in Berkeley, CA. I’m very excited to connect with West Coast agencies and start-ups (while continuing to travel a bunch for other