How to give a performance review

Performance reviews are opportunities to listen to one another and mutually define future success. How does the company see you? And how do you see yourself?

Q&A with Joanna Bugenis, our We Can Talk designer!

“I wanted to create a design that felt fun and bubbly; something that could be put on the wall as a conversation starter and an invitation, but also something that you would actually want to keep at your desk or somewhere in your office.”

On managing new (old) coworkers

I recently started a new job as a manager and several of my team members are previous coworkers… as I am new to management, I really don’t know if that is an old way of thinking and I don’t want to make a critical mistake. What do you think?

Let’s Talk Career Path: an ecourse for SNYAM alumni

The first course, Let’s Talk Career Path, focuses on the attendees individual paths – where they started, where they are now and where they are going – but also includes exercises and concepts that can be leveraged with their reports and teams.