Getting Started in a Mentorship

So you’ve found a mentor. That’s great! Maybe you asked someone directly or maybe you’re part of an official mentorship program and you need a reset…

“Unblock Me” Meetings

So you report to someone who is always very busy. Welcome to a very large club! Today’s tool aims to focus your conversation with your manager or project lead so you can get the information you need.

Quick Tool for Perspective Shifts

This tool’s purpose is to help you get through *today* because the ability to self-regulate and get work done even when you are a little bored by it is an insanely valuable thing.

A 1:1 Tool for Turbulent Times

Here is a simple tool for 1:1s in Turbulent Times. It’s not long and it’s not complicated; it serves simply as a way for someone to prepare some thoughts so you can get beyond “wow, this is a crazy time, huh?”