Plucky coaching is heavily grounded in the concept of Adult Development. We believe that employees are adults who are learning at their desks and beyond and that workplaces are environments for growth, not greenhouses of perfectionism.

Individual Coaching

The value in coaching is to have a safe place to work through the myriad of decisions, issues, advice and emotions that show up at work. My job is to support you in finding and representing your voice and growing through challenges as they come up.

Individual coaching is organized in 4 month contracts. During the first month we’ll collect a bit of feedback from co-workers and your self reflection; then we’ll set a few goals to focus on during our time together. Then we’ll talk twice a month in 45 minute sessions, in which you’ll get support tackling whatever is on your plate and your horizon with these goals in mind.

Company Coaching

We also offer retainers in the form of Company Coaching. Though employees may have existing channels for communication and giving feedback, there is a often need for career-level discussions and coaching that goes unfulfilled. Company Coaching is composed of Office Hours and weekly coffee chats with employees to support healthy office dynamics, overcoming conflict, improving team morale, managing challenges and handling other work issues as they arise.

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Coaching with Plucky

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Talking regularly with Jen has been one of the best things we’ve done as the leadership of our company. Why? She’s has loads of experience dealing with the problems growing companies face, be it directly or indirectly. Not to mention she is just plain easy as hell to talk to. No matter what’s going on in my life, I won’t miss my turn to talk with Jen. Somehow after each session I feel renewed, like I can handle whatever is on my plate at the moment. Jen is a rockstar.
Chris Free / Partner at Chromatic

Jen is an amazing sounding board and thoughtful coach. My week starts with a session with Jen and that’s a dose of refocus for me. Highly recommended for any agency or firm leadership.
Richard Banfield / CEO, Fresh Tilled Soil