At Plucky, we believe that all humans are creative, resourceful and whole… but sometimes they have a hard time moving forward. Plucky coaches empower clients to find their own truths, reconcile and name their own feelings, build confidence and move forward in their careers from a place of strength and, ultimately, action.

Plucky coaching is heavily grounded in the concept of Adult Development. We believe that employees are adults who are learning at their desks and beyond and that workplaces are environments for growth.

One of the values in Individual Coaching is to have a safe place to work through the myriad of decisions, issues, advice and emotions that show up at work. The coach’s job is to support you in finding and representing your voice and growing through challenges as they come up.

All of our coaches are trained to coach you about your career but each has their own specialties, too. Book a couple intro chats to find the coach that resonates most with your style and experience!

Our coaches

Greg Hall
Leadership, Careers

Greg has been identifying solutions for the complex (and often blurry) “people management problems” that plague organizations for 15+ years. He is currently Director of Project Management at a tech company, where he removes obstacles, aligns purposes, and evangelizes culture. Greg believes all humans, at their core, have an intrinsic desire to do their best possible work.

Greg currently lives with his boyfriend in Brooklyn where he enjoys tacos, Tito’s, working out, and disco music.

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Holly Quarles
Individual Contributors, Career Transitions

Holly is a career coach and the Ops Manager at Plucky. She believes all people are creative, blossoming, unique individuals and works to provide a personalized, safe, and open environment for all her clients. She loves to tackle any issue with creativity and be a source of support to all around her. Holly focuses on Individual Contributors and folks in career transition.

Holly recently relocated to Central Illinois from Berkeley, CA with her (energetic) 3-year-old son and incredible husband and is rarely seen without coffee in her hand.

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Jody Thornburg
Leadership, People Ops

Jody is a people operations director with applied coaching experience in the tech industry, holding specific knowledge in HR and leadership. With kind honesty, she loves to help others navigate the complexities of work life and embrace the mercies of each day, and her greatest joy is to encourage.

Jody’s a Midwestern mother of two boys and wife to an incredible man named Matthew.

Jody Thornburg is not currently accepting new clients.
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Chris Free
Leadership, Team Dynamics

Chris is the CEO and co-owner of a digital agency with leadership coaching experience. He’s a designer and developer by trade who helped build his company from the ground up. As such, he often works with founders, executives and software engineers. Chris practices a transparent, lead-by-example leadership style and believes that humans do their best work when they feel supported and heard.

Chris lives outside Chicago with his wife and young daughter where he enjoys tacos, fitness, and sports daily.

Chris Free is not currently accepting new clients.
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Emily Broderick
Leadership, Marketing, Working Parents

Emily is a leadership coach and marketing consultant. She believes that coaching helps people reach their big goals faster and with more ease than they ever thought possible. Though she works with a variety of clients, Emily specializes in career-driven women who love their work and want to thrive at home and beyond.

Emily lives in Essex, MA, a small seaside town north of Boston, with her husband, two young daughters and an old yellow lab.

Emily Broderick is not currently accepting new clients.
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Jen Dary
Leadership, Careers

Jen is a leadership coach and founder of Plucky. She believes in workplace coaching because more-balanced people are better employees (which make better companies and a better world, etc. ad nauseum!). She specializes in coaching managers: from new to middle to executive.

Jen lives in Berkeley, CA, with her husband and young sons. She is also a writer.

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