After 10 years in the coaching business, I believe that all humans are creative, resourceful and whole… but sometimes they have a hard time moving forward. Plucky coaching empowers clients to find their own truths, reconcile and name their own feelings, build confidence and move forward in their careers from a place of strength and, ultimately, action.

Plucky coaching is heavily grounded in the concept of Adult Development. I believe that employees are adults who are learning at their desks and beyond and that workplaces are environments for growth.

One of the values in Individual Coaching is to have a safe place to work through the myriad of decisions, issues, advice and emotions that show up at work. My job is to support you in finding and representing your voice and growing through challenges as they come up.

Here’s a quick video to share a little more about my process, my approach and generally my vibe:

About Jen

Jen Dary
Focus: Leadership, Careers

I specialize in coaching leaders and managers: from new to middle to executive. My clients are primarily in the tech sector but also come from tech-adjacent industries as well. I live in Arlington, VA with my husband and young sons. I volunteer regularly with my kids’ school, lead a Slack community based on So Now You’re a Manager and on the side I’m also a writer.

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