At Plucky, we believe that all humans are creative, resourceful and whole… but sometimes they have a hard time moving forward. Plucky coaches empower clients to find their own truths, reconcile and name their own feelings, build confidence and move forward in their careers from a place of strength and, ultimately, action.

Plucky coaching is heavily grounded in the concept of Adult Development. We believe that employees are adults who are learning at their desks and beyond and that workplaces are environments for growth.

One of the values in Individual Coaching is to have a safe place to work through the myriad of decisions, issues, advice and emotions that show up at work. The coach’s job is to support you in finding and representing your voice and growing through challenges as they come up.

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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Jen took on a challenge for us that involved a new approach to performance reviews, handling interviewing, writing, and coaching, and working on a process that would scale out to our whole company. She did *outstanding* work, enough that my only hesitation in recommending her is that I want all of her time! She’s completely fantastic and it would be a mistake not to work with her.
Marc Hedlund / VP Engineering, Stripe

Talking regularly with Jen has been one of the best things we’ve done as the leadership of our company. Why? She’s has loads of experience dealing with the problems growing companies face, be it directly or indirectly. Not to mention she is just plain easy as hell to talk to. No matter what’s going on in my life, I won’t miss my turn to talk with Jen. Somehow after each session I feel renewed, like I can handle whatever is on my plate at the moment. Jen is a rockstar.
Chris Free / Partner at Chromatic