Plucky Fulfillment Theory

I have a theory about healthy, fulfilled working adults. I use this often in coaching, particularly when someone is struggling to figure out the current purpose of work in their lives.


WE ARE EMERGING FROM A GREAT DISRUPTION. This is your chance! You just lived through a worldwide pandemic and it would be very reasonable for you to be changed afterwards.

The Math Behind Self-care

“Self-care” is math, quite simply a question of depleting and refilling. Have you ever spent time in a sandbox? You can’t build mountains without making holes.

On Recovery

I hope we’re on the precipice of some recovery in our Covid world and – to be frank – I think many of us have no freaking idea how to recover. Our needs are deep.

How to Say No.

If you’re the person who says yes all the time, we have never heard you say no. And since there is not a person on this earth who has not wanted to decline things at some point, we start wondering: when is it a real yes? When is it a fake yes? In short, we stop trusting you.

How to Prep for a Coaching Session

If you’re investing in coaching, you want to see that you’re making progress. Everyone, especially your coach, wants to feel that the time was well spent. Ideally, you will arrive to your coaching session with these three things…

On Future Goals

You could spend your entire life justifying the logic behind your 9-5 responsibilities. Recruiters are ready to make short work of your wondering. 401ks and mortgages and health benefits are all real concerns and I don’t mention them lightly… but what the hell are you doing in this life if you are ignoring your own answers?

How to Choose a Coach

You should trust that your vulnerability is an honor for someone to witness… and no matter how many podcasts and books and speaking tours a coach has marketed, do not hire them if they don’t make you feel safe.

Do I need a coach?

Trees, like humans, have better years than others. In good years, there is more water, good sunlight, less threats to the system. When you look at a tree’s stump, you can tell which years had better growing conditions and which years were really hard. Coaching is one resource that you may leverage to amplify your growing conditions. 

Leaders in Grief

Part of the difficult work of being a leader is realizing that you have less time to get your shit together then others. It is part of the gig. That’s why it’s so important to have those tools and resources in place when things get hard.