Using Plucky’s 1:1 Cards Remotely

Like with any successful 1:1, your report really just wants to know you’re listening to what they’re saying. Use the opportunity to check in virtually and to reassure everyone that something in this world is still the same.

Behind #PluckyCards: Inviting Empathy

Stressed-out people are, quite simply, stuck. They often lack the ability to prioritize and act — an overwhelming momentum swallows them. As the manager, you can gently help them re-see and take a breath.

Two years in: Plucky’s 1:1 Starter Pack!

And here we have it: a problem with identity. A manager who has just seen that a powerful question can open up fascinating metaphors and be reapplied to work, career path and more cannot authentically find a way to ask it. So her 1:1s will remain stagnant.

Behind #PluckyCards: The First Pull

So you bought the cards and now they’re sitting on your desk looking…. daunting. Your next round of 1:1s starts in a few minutes and you’d like to test drive these things. How do you begin?

Product Launch: 1:1 Manager Pack

Senior Managers are busy people… but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. The higher you get on the org chart, the more slammed you may be with meetings and responsibilities. These cards are designed to take the cognitive coaching load off everyone’s minds so you can have a fruitful 1:1 together as leaders.

Behind #Pluckycards: Advice to Your Younger Self

tldr; We just celebrated the two-year anniversary of Plucky’s first product, a tool for managers to elevate the conversations happening in 1:1s. To date, we have sold more than 650+ packs. You can check out the 1:1 starter pack here. I’m going to try something meta and answer this question myself. I’ve added comments along this