Using Plucky’s 1:1 Cards Remotely

This post is about using Plucky’s 1:1 Cards (either the Starter Pack or the Manager Pack) but, of course, it can also be about any other tool you normally use in-person and need to use digitally!

So you’ve got a 1:1 scheduled with a report… but you won’t be in the same room. This could be because one of you is home with a sick kid, the fact that you both work from different offices or due to the current Coronavirus apocalypse. Whatever the reason, no stress! Your 1:1 cards still work.

How to Get Set Up

First, stick to your normal strategy. Do you normally:

  1. Let your report choose a card from the whole deck
  2. Pre-select cards that you think are a good match for your conversation
  3. Select 1 specific card to talk about

If your answer is 3, then all you gotta do is hold that card up to the webcam or post a picture of the card in Slack. Boom. Now you’re remote-friendly.

But if your answer is 1 or 2, follow this:

Introduce the Element of Chance

Fan out 4 cards in front of your webcam, whether they’re pre-selected or random. Tell your report that the cards are numbered 1-4 from left to right… and ask them to choose one. Then turn the card around to show them which one they picked and you’re good to go.

If you’ve got a little time on your hands, you can get funny and silly about it; tell them you’ve split the deck into pile A and B; let them choose a pile. Now split it again; they choose again. Keep going until you have ONE card left. That’s the one! THE 1:1 GODS HAVE SPOKEN!

Give Options

Unless there is a good business or managerial reason to press into a card, allow redos. In the current climate, folks are exercising their vulnerability barriers much differently and it’s understandable if some folks don’t want to dig into their most strategic selves. For example, Career Planning cards like this one may fall flat:

But cards about productivity that can be leveraged today might be easier to stomach:


Like with any successful 1:1, your report really just wants to know you’re listening to what they’re saying. Use the opportunity to check in virtually and to reassure everyone that something in this world is still the same. 

No matter which card you use, convey the same thing: I’m still me. You’re still you. Start there and let that 1:1 unfold. <3

Wishing you had a pack of these cool cards? Go buy some here! With the help of Plucky’s newest interns (aka my schoolless children), we will print out a label and mail you a pack ASAP. Stay healthy!