Getting Started in a Mentorship

So you’ve found a mentor. That’s great! Maybe you asked someone directly or maybe you’re part of an official mentorship program and you need a reset…

Coaching: 9 years in.

So now I’m 9 years into coaching and instead of reflecting on the business this year, I’m going to reflect on the ways being a coach has changed me as a person. Because it has.

Layoffs in tech?

The world benefits from making you feel scared about the future and there are days when it feels like the sky is falling. Here’s what I have to say: be smart and make good choices…

Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

“Recently I had to give critical feedback to a teammate. When will I get comfortable with someone else’s discomfort? I worry that this is a skill that’s holding me back.”

On Facilitation and Cohorts

Watching cohorts come together is an endless source of curiosity for me. If the curriculum is (largely) the same, if I am (largely) the same, what makes a group coalesce — or not?

Everything is Fine: an online experience

Everything is Fine is a course designed to support modern employees in a tumultuous world. Students will learn how to define their own limitations, work with frustrating colleagues, build community and set boundaries.

Cross-training at work

Even if you are not a fitness expert, you may have heard the term “leg day.” Cross-training is the idea that you’re going to exercise in a variety of ways in order to improve performance. To that end, one day you’ll focus on legs, another on arms. Maybe another on core. How can this metaphor relate