Day of Big Dreaming

If you’re looking for a self-paced day of reflection, audacious dreaming and a break from the norm, check out more details about the 2021 Plucky Day of Big Dreaming!

Plucky Fulfillment Theory

I have a theory about healthy, fulfilled working adults. I use this often in coaching, particularly when someone is struggling to figure out the current purpose of work in their lives.

Using the Plucky Work Wheel

On the inside-back-cover of your Manager Weeklies is a manager tool called the Plucky Work Wheel. This tool is really helpful for coaching your employees.

Worldwide 1:1s coming on September 9, 2021!

Plucky’s 8th birthday is coming up on September 9 and, to celebrate, we are talking. Well, actually, YOU are talking! For the whole day on September 9, 1:1 conversations will be happening all around the world – partners matched by yours truly. Here’s what some folks had to say about their Plucky Worldwide 1:1 experience last year:


WE ARE EMERGING FROM A GREAT DISRUPTION. This is your chance! You just lived through a worldwide pandemic and it would be very reasonable for you to be changed afterwards.

The Math Behind Self-care

“Self-care” is math, quite simply a question of depleting and refilling. Have you ever spent time in a sandbox? You can’t build mountains without making holes.

On Recovery

I hope we’re on the precipice of some recovery in our Covid world and – to be frank – I think many of us have no freaking idea how to recover. Our needs are deep.

Plucky Small Group for Senior Managers*

As you gain experience, the challenges and complexities of management can be a heavy burden and within the lessons and anecdotes, there are some that just aren’t appropriate to share with your team. Enter: a supportive small group.