#PluckyMoms 2020

This is a message for working moms on Mother’s Day 2020. For the ladies holding it together at home and work (and beyond) during a worldwide pandemic. I see you. <3

Finding Your Steady Path

Every December, we publish My Plucky Path, a free career planning guide for the upcoming year. We did that 4 months ago… and then 2020 fell apart.

A 1:1 Tool for Turbulent Times

Here is a simple tool for 1:1s in Turbulent Times. It’s not long and it’s not complicated; it serves simply as a way for someone to prepare some thoughts so you can get beyond “wow, this is a crazy time, huh?”

Using Plucky’s 1:1 Cards Remotely

Like with any successful 1:1, your report really just wants to know you’re listening to what they’re saying. Use the opportunity to check in virtually and to reassure everyone that something in this world is still the same.

How to Say No.

If you’re the person who says yes all the time, we have never heard you say no. And since there is not a person on this earth who has not wanted to decline things at some point, we start wondering: when is it a real yes? When is it a fake yes? In short, we stop trusting you.

Behind #PluckyCards: Inviting Empathy

Stressed-out people are, quite simply, stuck. They often lack the ability to prioritize and act — an overwhelming momentum swallows them. As the manager, you can gently help them re-see and take a breath.

Two years in: Plucky’s 1:1 Starter Pack!

And here we have it: a problem with identity. A manager who has just seen that a powerful question can open up fascinating metaphors and be reapplied to work, career path and more cannot authentically find a way to ask it. So her 1:1s will remain stagnant.

How to Prep for a Coaching Session

If you’re investing in coaching, you want to see that you’re making progress. Everyone, especially your coach, wants to feel that the time was well spent. Ideally, you will arrive to your coaching session with these three things…

On Future Goals

You could spend your entire life justifying the logic behind your 9-5 responsibilities. Recruiters are ready to make short work of your wondering. 401ks and mortgages and health benefits are all real concerns and I don’t mention them lightly… but what the hell are you doing in this life if you are ignoring your own answers?