Ticket launch: SNYAM cohort 017

Join us for So Now You’re a Manager’s cohort 017 this April! We’re specifically inviting women (trans-inclusive) to this cohort and look forward to a supportive, strong community of learning.

“Unblock Me” Meetings

So you report to someone who is always very busy. Welcome to a very large club! Today’s tool aims to focus your conversation with your manager or project lead so you can get the information you need.

Launch: SNYAM Equity Scholarship

Plucky believes that the world will be more just when its leadership roles are filled by a vast diversity of voices, perspectives and visions. To that end, we are launching the So Now You’re a Manager Equity Scholarship.

Quick Tool for Perspective Shifts

This tool’s purpose is to help you get through *today* because the ability to self-regulate and get work done even when you are a little bored by it is an insanely valuable thing.

Q1 Lunch & Learn options

You know what’s great about *everyone* being remote these days? You can do professional development workshops without some folks feeling left out. Also, I can lead those workshops without you needing to worry about airfare. WIN-WIN. This year we’ll be offering Plucky Lunch & Learns (or brunch or coffee break, time of day is somewhat

Falling into Year 8

Plucky’s elasticity (nurtured by our slow growth) has been the secret to keeping the business afloat this year. Schedules haven’t been pretty and sanity is long-gone but the need for scaling back isn’t unfamiliar.

#PluckyMoms 2020

This is a message for working moms on Mother’s Day 2020. For the ladies holding it together at home and work (and beyond) during a worldwide pandemic. I see you. <3

Finding Your Steady Path

Every December, we publish My Plucky Path, a free career planning guide for the upcoming year. We did that 4 months ago… and then 2020 fell apart.

A 1:1 Tool for Turbulent Times

Here is a simple tool for 1:1s in Turbulent Times. It’s not long and it’s not complicated; it serves simply as a way for someone to prepare some thoughts so you can get beyond “wow, this is a crazy time, huh?”

Using Plucky’s 1:1 Cards Remotely

Like with any successful 1:1, your report really just wants to know you’re listening to what they’re saying. Use the opportunity to check in virtually and to reassure everyone that something in this world is still the same.