Day of Big Dreaming 2023

Today I’m excited to announce Plucky’s annual Day of Big Dreaming class, a one-day e-course! Buy it now, use it anytime before January 31, all in the spirit of planning your 2023.

Maybe you’ve heard of Joseph Campell’s “Hero’s Journey,” a theory about how stories work, specifically the idea that a hero goes through an adventure and emerges transformed. It’s wild to trace this template through all kinds of stories in literature and beyond.

The Hero’s Journey is the theme for our 2023 Day of Big Dreaming because reframing big dreams as a hero’s adventure is a powerful perspective. Our goal in this course is to help you set up 2023 to move your story forward.

What story did you live this year? Which allies and mentors helped? What enemies appeared? Which adventure is calling you in 2023? 

These are the kinds of questions we talk about late at night with friends, a level of reflection that doesn’t show up on a random Tuesday afternoon. You need space for this stuff to come out. And, sadly, no one is coming to make space in your calendar for you.

You. Gotta. Do. It. Yourself.

This course is an invitation to the adventures and twists in your journey that are calling you. It takes real guts to listen to yourself; I know you are worth being gutsy. Go check it out and happy Big Dreaming!