Launch: Day of Big Dreaming 2024!

If you want to have an interesting conversation, ask someone what career they want…

… but if you want to have a REAL conversation, ask someone who they’ve always wanted to be.

Today is the launch of Plucky’s 2024 Day of Big Dreaming e-course, a class that invites you to set aside one day between now and January 31 for dreaming. Who are you? Are you on track? What does “on track” even mean?

As I coached folks across 2023, I saw a year of dramatic pauses in the face of dramatic instability. If you hadn’t been laid off, you weren’t likely to quit your job and folks lost their nerve to make big decisions because of the economic background. Sometimes people limited their dreams, accordingly.

I get it AND I think we can be a little more fearless.

The theme of this year’s DOBD course is: TIME. It doesn’t matter who you are, examining what you spend time on is the quickest way to reveal your priorities. How are you using your minutes, your hours, your weeks and years? In this course, we’re going to figure that out – and we’re going to make sure it’s aligned with your intended direction. You’ll get a workbook to print, coaching videos, time management resources and a Spotify playlist with upbeat tunes. 

In examining the way I spent my own 2023 time, I realized that there were too many reluctant obligations and not enough breaks. This is so valuable to know! Every year I’m grateful to spend a day reflecting and steering my ship… and I invite you to join me in this annual tradition!

P.S. You lucky ducks get an EXTRA 24 hours this year because it’s a leap year. Make them count!