2020 Career Planning Guide

Dear fellow human,

I read a lot of books, many of which are memoirs or biographies of humans who lived full lives. I find it really edifying to spend time with other people’s life stories, to see (in 2020 hindsight) where they made giant, leaping decisions… and when they let the world get the best of them.

When you look back across someone’s life, you can track how the winds blew them. You can see how one meeting, a series of coffees or a chance encounter moved someone to push off in a different direction and become someone new. 


Download the free 2020 guide here!

I write this guide every year to wake you up (or blow wind at you, if you are already awake). If you reached for this Career Planning guide, odds are good that you are looking for some movement. And looking for wind is the first step in getting your boat moving.

So print this workbook out, pour yourself a warm drink and find a favorite pen. Put your phone on silent. Take a deep breath and get ready for a push.

Because more than anything, I want you to go places. I want you to spend your life sailing through experiences, from one opportunity to the next. The most fulfilled people I know keep going, evolving and laughing about the journey along the way.

You do the pen work. I’ll do the wind work. Now get in the boat.

xo Jen

P.S. So many people started from humble origins. Don’t doubt where you came from. I guarantee it was enough.