Worldwide 1:1s coming on September 9, 2021!

Plucky’s 8th birthday is coming up on September 9 and, to celebrate, we are talking. Well, actually, YOU are talking! For the whole day on September 9, 1:1 conversations will be happening all around the world – partners matched by yours truly. Here’s what some folks had to say about their Plucky Worldwide 1:1 experience last year:

Plucky Small Group for Senior Managers*

As you gain experience, the challenges and complexities of management can be a heavy burden and within the lessons and anecdotes, there are some that just aren’t appropriate to share with your team. Enter: a supportive small group.

Ticket launch: SNYAM cohort 017

Join us for So Now You’re a Manager’s cohort 017 this April! We’re specifically inviting women (trans-inclusive) to this cohort and look forward to a supportive, strong community of learning.

Launch: SNYAM Equity Scholarship

Plucky believes that the world will be more just when its leadership roles are filled by a vast diversity of voices, perspectives and visions. To that end, we are launching the So Now You’re a Manager Equity Scholarship.

Q1 Lunch & Learn options

You know what’s great about *everyone* being remote these days? You can do professional development workshops without some folks feeling left out. Also, I can lead those workshops without you needing to worry about airfare. WIN-WIN. This year we’ll be offering Plucky Lunch & Learns (or brunch or coffee break, time of day is somewhat

Falling into Year 8

Plucky’s elasticity (nurtured by our slow growth) has been the secret to keeping the business afloat this year. Schedules haven’t been pretty and sanity is long-gone but the need for scaling back isn’t unfamiliar.

#PluckyMoms 2020

This is a message for working moms on Mother’s Day 2020. For the ladies holding it together at home and work (and beyond) during a worldwide pandemic. I see you. <3

Finding Your Steady Path

Every December, we publish My Plucky Path, a free career planning guide for the upcoming year. We did that 4 months ago… and then 2020 fell apart.