Q1 Lunch & Learn options

You know what’s great about *everyone* being remote these days? You can do professional development workshops without some folks feeling left out. Also, I can lead those workshops without you needing to worry about airfare. WIN-WIN.

This year we’ll be offering Plucky Lunch & Learns (or brunch or coffee break, time of day is somewhat flexible). Taught by Jen Dary, these are good opportunities to have a Plucky facilitator lead fun and reflective activities.

Here are the Q1 Lunch & Learn options:

Getting Unstuck

When a sailboat is unable to move through lack of wind, it’s called becalmed. The sailboat is becalmed, one might say. Sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it? Poetic, even. 

Getting stuck happens to everyone: on a Sunday crossword, a client project, your career. So how do we unstick what’s stuck?

In this workshop, we’re going to talk about naming what’s stuck. We’ll learn how to identify potential wind and cross-currents. And finally we’ll talk through tangible ways to keep your sails up so you can get moving again.

In preparation for our time together, bring one or two ideas for ways you’re currently stuck (in work or life). We’ll take a good crack at unsticking them!

The Anatomy of Feedback

Feedback is the buzziest word that ever was in our industry — but very few of us get it right. In this session, we’ll make headway here.

First, we’ll identify the point of feedback on your team so we understand the motivation behind it. Then we’ll pull it apart, using the idea of anatomy, which is to say:

– What parts exist within feedback?
– What larger system does feedback connect into?
– What disorders exist with feedback?
– And finally, what treatments are available for feedback?

This virtual workshop will involve breakout rooms, as small groups will each write their own anatomy doc before sharing with the whole team. We get creative, funny and ultimately the workshop leaves your team with new energy for a culture of growth and saying hard things.

You are likely: in charge of People stuff at your small-medium size org or you manage a team and you’re looking for a way to bring the team together for learning every once in a while
Ideal team size: 5-20 people
Timing: workshops last 1h15min
Currently booking for: January and March 2021

Interested? Email hello@beplucky.com to get the conversation started. Can’t wait to help.