Plucky Small Group for Senior Managers*

Holy crap, leadership can be lonely. People need money and titles and strategic plans. Clients need proposals and discounts and satisfaction. Leadership teams (and the peers who make them up) need you to be better and more generous than you have imagined you could be.

As you gain experience, the challenges and complexities of management can be a heavy burden and within the lessons and anecdotes, there are some that just aren’t appropriate to share with your team.

Enter: a supportive small group.

Facilitated by leadership coach Jen Dary, you’ll be joined by 7 other industry colleagues who are also seeking to share experiences, ask questions and build community. There’s not an official curriculum; rather there is a structure and rhythm to the sessions that allows everyone to participate. Bring your tough days! Your tough dynamics! Your own career path wonderings. We are here for all of it.

Between sessions, we’ll keep tabs in a private Slack channel for the group. The goal is to share, listen and gain perspective so that you can lead in a more balanced and sustainable way. Also we will laugh. And if you’ve ever had a class with Jen Dary before, you can expect something random arriving in the mail, too.

Bimonthly Wednesdays in May – July 2021
Dates: 5/12, 5/26, 6/9, 6/23, 7/7, 7/21 from 4-5:15pm ET (1-2:15pm PT)

Limited to 8 attendees

If all of this sounds good, grab a ticket. We’ve only got 8 of ’em.

*What’s a Senior Manager? You’ve had 4+ years of experience managing or are a manager of managers.