#PluckyGiving: Seattle Against Slavery

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As technology advances so do the obstacles of aiding victims of labor and sex trafficking. It is for this reason that Seattle Against Slavery has created four dynamic programs to not only help those exploited, but to educate others in how best to be allies and advocates in the fight against human trafficking.

Our mission, to see a world where no one is exploited for labor and sex, is a mission driven by passionate survivors and allies, and we are proud to be a leader in the fight against human trafficking.

Our four programs, Education, Community Mobilization, Advocacy, and Technology, approach the crisis of human trafficking by using technology to deter buyers, reach out to victims to connect them with survivor services, and to educate individuals on the many societal influences that shape and normalize gender-based violence, labor exploitation, and sexual exploitation.

With our programs combined, Seattle Against Slavery can throw a far reaching net that not only aids victims, but allows us to cultivate awareness in present and future generations. Our successes are nothing without our belief that everyone can find a way to be an ally. We ask you to join our fight!

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