#PluckyGiving: Unloop

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Founded in 2015, Unloop partners with the Washington State community and technical college system to establish an end-to-end educational pathway into careers in tech for individuals with criminal records. Unloop leverages a network of employers and professionals that informs curriculum, sponsors on-the-job learning experiences, and advocates for second-chance employment.

The first component of the Unloop program is a one-year, 550-hour, 36-credit full-stack web development program delivered in partnership with Tacoma Community College and Edmonds Community College at Washington Corrections Center for Women and Monroe Correctional Complex, a men’s prison. Unloop also provides industry-specific career readiness preparation such as industry guest lectures, open lab time staffed by software developers, interview practice, and portfolio reviews.

In the second component of our pathway, Unloop provides re-entry services to secure basic needs such as housing, support in navigating further education, professional learning experiences, and employment placement services. For participants who are entering the workforce, Unloop connects them to on-the-job professional learning experiences in the form of stipended internships at Unloop, paid internships at established tech companies, and job shadows and mock interviews at partner companies like Airbnb.

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