Ticket launch: Manager Training in NYC (June 2020)

We’re heading to NYC at the end of June and we want you there – this is a great training for newer managers and we’d love to see you there! That said, launching an event in the middle of COVID-19 is not for the weak of heart. I made you a short video to explain our approach and hopefully put your fears at ease:

Join us for So Now You’re a Manager’s cohort 013 this June 25-26, 2020. We will be hosted by Two Sigma Ventures in Soho. This is our third time back in NYC for this event and it’s always such a good time.

So Now You’re a Manager is a two-day training for managers and emerging leaders. Taught by leadership coach Jen Dary (that’s me in the video above!), this training provides new managers with techniques and actionable skills to accelerate careers in management. Our intention is to help managers see themselves as leaders, and facilitate successful, collaborative working environments when they get back to work.

This is a perfect workshop for the newly-promoted or those who never got training to begin with. We run this experiential workshop with a strong eye towards learning fundamentals, building community and understanding that being a good manager is a creative practice.

Given the COVID-19 situation currently unfolding, we want you to know three things:

  1. We are watching and adjusting our events, as-needed.
  2. The maximum number of people at the workshop will be 24 (22 attendees if it sells out + Jen and Plucky’s Operations Manager). It’s a relatively small event.
  3. If you get sick or your employer isn’t supporting travel, we will find you a space at a future SNYAM event or you can transfer your ticket to a colleague.

We really hope to see you in NYC this summer! Learn more and buy a ticket here.

For travel details (including local hotels and the best airports to go through), email Holly at holly@beplucky.com.