On Waiting

Recently I was asked to write and speak about the topic of waiting. I thought I’d share it here.  So here’s how it works: each employee gets 30 minutes. I introduce myself as a consultant, we sit down and I assure them confidentiality. I tell them that I’m there to look for patterns across all

People are your future.

Reflections on my first year consulting, coaching and helping people find their way. I never thought of myself as someone who would start and run her own business. I’m a good student; I wait for the bar to get set by someone else and then I throw every ounce of energy I have into leaping

Plucky heads west… and other announcements!

Tomorrow is spring. Let’s high-five about that, shall we? With spring comes change and I’m excited to announce that Plucky HQ is heading to the Bay Area! Starting May 1, I’ll be based in Berkeley, CA. I’m very excited to connect with West Coast agencies and start-ups (while continuing to travel a bunch for other

Talking helps.

I spent the majority of last week at Owner Camp, a small conference for the leaders of small digital agencies. Owner Camp gathers about 30 leaders to share and learn with each other while creating an incredibly supportive network in the meantime. Oh sure, the dinners were fun and the golfing was fun (… so

The Employee Experience Audit

We’re newly into Q4 of 2013, but you may be well into planning for 2014. What have you been meaning to put energy into? Where are you headed? And what will it take to get there? My expertise is people. So if your goals for the next year have anything to do with the humans