The Employee Experience Audit

Courtesy of Andercismo
Courtesy of Andercismo

We’re newly into Q4 of 2013, but you may be well into planning for 2014. What have you been meaning to put energy into? Where are you headed? And what will it take to get there?

My expertise is people. So if your goals for the next year have anything to do with the humans who work for you, we’re in the right ballpark. You may be dreaming about developing a pipeline, promoting employees into managerial positions, recruiting in large numbers or assessing how the current team can and should grow. Either way, I can help.

Announcing: The Employee Experience Audit

Here’s how it works: I’ll spend two days on site in your office (anywhere in the world!). I’ll meet with your leadership team, the HR manager and every member of the org. I’ll eat lunch with the entire company on the first day, then select a smaller group for lunch the second day. There will be one-on-ones, as well as small group conversations. I will marinate in the identity and culture of your company.

Then I’ll go home and prepare an assessment. This document will outline the current strengths of your talent strategy, suggest opportunities for improvement and identify specifics about individual employees (including flight risks and those with leadership potential). I’ll suggest immediate actions, as well as short, medium and long-term goals.

The Value Proposition

Your employees are having experiences (good and bad) with your organization every single day. Some of these are out of your control, but many of them are opportunities you can leverage to improve retention and the community you work with.

The insight gained from this type of audit is invaluable. It reveals what kind of client work your employees want to be doing, what career path looks like at the org, and how to budget for raises. It  informs how to write job descriptions for the hires you’re anticipating and clarifies the priority of these hires. You’ll be able to walk the document into any strategic meeting and gut check all of your future plans against the team you’re currently leading.

It also sends a very clear message to your people: “we’re planning for the future and you are part of it.

Get in touch

I’m currently booking Employee Experience Audits for the fall and winter of 2013/14. Interested? Drop a line at and let’s get going. Fortune favors the bold, friends.