Plucky heads west… and other announcements!


Tomorrow is spring. Let’s high-five about that, shall we?

With spring comes change and I’m excited to announce that Plucky HQ is heading to the Bay Area! Starting May 1, I’ll be based in Berkeley, CA. I’m very excited to connect with West Coast agencies and start-ups (while continuing to travel a bunch for other clients and speaking engagements!).

Someone recently asked me what kind of work I want for Plucky in 2014. I gave it some thought and wanted to share… because I fundamentally believe that saying things helps bring them to you.

So! Here are professional challenges that I would love to help solve in the next few months:

  • merging cultures (two agencies merging, an acquisition, etc)
  • group learning about communication and working better together (workshops, off-sites, lunch & learns for entire teams or companies)
  • transitioning in senior leaders (coaching, consulting, advising as they find their place in an established organization and culture)
  • co-leading (the challenges of driving the ship with another person… or several)

If you’re on the West Coast and anticipate assistance with your talent strategy or if one of these bullets inspires an opportunity for us to work together, please reach out. I’m really excited about all of the new Plucky adventures to come!