Talking helps.

365 arlophotochallenge 103 / 365 - Conversation
Courtesy of Arlo Bates

I spent the majority of last week at Owner Camp, a small conference for the leaders of small digital agencies. Owner Camp gathers about 30 leaders to share and learn with each other while creating an incredibly supportive network in the meantime. Oh sure, the dinners were fun and the golfing was fun (… so I hear), but the talking, man.

The talking gets me every time.

Why is it that talking helps so much? For CEOs, it might be due to the nature of starting and running your own project. There is such potential to believe that every stumbling block was because you weren’t good enough… and after talking in the same room for even an hour, that feeling – poof – disappears. Because the brilliant, impressive people around you? Well they know those stumbling blocks too.

Talking isn’t only for CEOs, though. I used to experience the power of talking every week in one-on-ones with employees. One short question about how things were going and my coffee companion was off to the races, letting guards down, a rush of questions and quandaries and theories flooding out. I loved watching this happen week after week, even with the most challenging employees. Introvert, extrovert, no matter; everyone appreciates someone to help make sense of their days.

One of the most important parts about talking, however, is having a good listener on the other end. I’m excited to offer weekly one-on-one coaching in 2014 because I believe so strongly in the value of helping people express their professional challenges and find ways forward.

Interested in coaching for you or a member of your staff? Drop me a line at; we’ll talk – and almost certainly, it will help.