Leaders in Grief

Part of the difficult work of being a leader is realizing that you have less time to get your shit together then others. It is part of the gig. That’s why it’s so important to have those tools and resources in place when things get hard.


I decided to spend Fridays in San Francisco for Q4 in 2016, half in an effort to grow my local network and half to prove that I’m out of ICU and back at work. So I set up a bunch of coffees and lunches. I learned how to ride the BART better and also learned

Dear Plucky: Leader of the Pack

Dear Plucky, I’m managing a new team, and they’re not exactly getting along well. We’ve had some tense meetings lately with lots of passive aggressive remarks. How can I help them trust each other and communicate better together? They’re all pretty different and don’t have a lot in common. I’m worried that we won’t be successful

People are your future.

Reflections on my first year consulting, coaching and helping people find their way. I never thought of myself as someone who would start and run her own business. I’m a good student; I wait for the bar to get set by someone else and then I throw every ounce of energy I have into leaping

Manager’s Special: spare change

My husband dumps all of his spare change on his nightstand every night. Then every few months I haul it to TD Bank, where I play that game in which you dump it in the giant cylinder and guess how much you have. I am always wildly off. I guess something like $6 and it’s more

Plucky heads west… and other announcements!

Tomorrow is spring. Let’s high-five about that, shall we? With spring comes change and I’m excited to announce that Plucky HQ is heading to the Bay Area! Starting May 1, I’ll be based in Berkeley, CA. I’m very excited to connect with West Coast agencies and start-ups (while continuing to travel a bunch for other

We’re all kinda broken.

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with friends, all of whom work in different industries. We shared war stories about the places we’d worked; it got us laughing and finally someone joked, “where are the good companies, anyway?” I’ve been thinking about that question lately. Are there good companies? Are there bad companies?

Talking helps.

I spent the majority of last week at Owner Camp, a small conference for the leaders of small digital agencies. Owner Camp gathers about 30 leaders to share and learn with each other while creating an incredibly supportive network in the meantime. Oh sure, the dinners were fun and the golfing was fun (… so

On Building a Leadership Team

Here’s how lots of tech companies start: two guys with an idea or a client, coding in a spare bedroom. One day there’s too much work, so they hire a cousin who knows HTML. Then a friend’s younger sister graduates with a degree in graphic design, so they hire her to design a login process