Plucky is 5!

What a time! This year I recorded a State of the Union to loop you all in on what’s been happening at Plucky and where things are going.

Gardening Your Team

Some people have fully lived their lifecycle in their current environment. Things have run their course and you have pruned, supported and done enough. When your employee has gone to flower and they’re ready to move on, departures are welcome on all ends.

Career Planning Guide for 2018

Download it, print it, go find a mug of something warm and spend some time figuring out where you’re going. A year is going to pass either way; far better that you have your hands on the wheel!

Four Years of Plucky

Businesses, though they are believed to have been started in garages, basements and backyard sheds, are started over coffee. At least, that’s true about Plucky.

Manager training: behind the music!

Every day I coach emerging leaders as they move into managerial roles and I hear the same themes in all of our conversations: – How do I know if I’m doing well? – I miss being in the weeds of the work. – Humans are exhausting me. – I hear about the problems but I

On Managing Millennials

Dear Plucky, There are a variety of junior employees on my team. It’s been a joy to mentor them, but I’ve noticed that they interpret feedback in a very different way than I do. A small dose of constructive feedback can lead to a tailspin of anxiety, negative self-talk or even tears. Often, these conversations

A Human Disappointed Me.

  Dear Plucky, A human disappointed me today. What should I do? Love, Everyone — — — Dear Everyone, Oh, friend. Want to come sit for a few minutes? Let’s walk over here to this bench, the one that overlooks some nature. I like looking at nature when I’m having trouble with humans. Nature has

The Math Behind Self-care

  What if we all had 10 pellets of energy to spend each day? How many do you spend before you even get to work? Maybe you wake up every morning rehashing things you should have said the previous day/decade. Day after day, you start with 9, the first one continually absorbed by mental stuff.

On Managing Your Friends

“I’ve had to delete texts lately,” my client said. “I start typing but realize partway through that it isn’t cool to share what annoys me at work with her anymore.” Holy cow, the complexities of promotions in friendly workplaces. You used to be peers. You talked over lunch about your days, you rolled your eyes

Beyoncé vs. Ballads (Know Yourself)

  “So what’s #PluckyWomen?” I was standing at the bar, ready to order. I looked up from the drink menu at the dude next to me and in that second a song started playing over the speakers — the song I listen to when I’m writing big SOWs or prepping ambitious new pitches. Maybe it