#PluckyGiving: Seattle Against Slavery

As technology advances so do the obstacles of aiding victims of labor and sex trafficking. It is for this reason that Seattle Against Slavery has created four dynamic programs to not only help those exploited, but to educate others in how best to be allies and advocates in the fight against human trafficking.

#PluckyGiving: Center for Employment Opportunities

The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) believes in the transformational power of work. Our mission is to provide immediate, effective, and comprehensive employment services to individuals with criminal convictions who have recently returned home following incarceration.


We regularly welcome nonprofit/education attendees at So Now You’re a Manager events. We believe these attendees bring much-needed perspective to the room and the group benefits from hearing about the important work they’re doing.

Behind #PluckyCards: The First Pull

So you bought the cards and now they’re sitting on your desk looking…. daunting. Your next round of 1:1s starts in a few minutes and you’d like to test drive these things. How do you begin?

Ticket launch! San Francisco (November 2019)

This is a perfect Q4 event for the newly-promoted or those who want to use their professional development dollars before they’re lost to 2019! We’re excited to move this Bay Area event back across the bridge.

6 Years of Pluck

After 6 years of coaching folks, mostly leaders, here is what I’m ready to say: the only difference I see between people who are fulfilled and those who are not is that the fulfilled ones have learned how to stop hitting themselves in the face.

Product Launch: 1:1 Manager Pack

Senior Managers are busy people… but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. The higher you get on the org chart, the more slammed you may be with meetings and responsibilities. These cards are designed to take the cognitive coaching load off everyone’s minds so you can have a fruitful 1:1 together as leaders.

Empathy with Gabriel Chang

“Getting better at managing has caused me to also get better at empathy. While my target is to get the best performance out of my team, I can’t do that unless I can get a good understanding of why they are distracted, and that’s often from things outside of the office.”