The Math Behind Self-care

What if we all had 10 pellets of energy to spend each day? How many do you spend before you even get to work? Maybe you wake up every morning rehashing things you should have said the previous day/decade. Day after day, you start with 9, the first one continually absorbed by mental stuff. You

On Recovery

I hope we’re on the precipice of some recovery in our Covid world and – to be frank – I think many of us have no fucking idea how to recover. Our needs are deep. We have just passed the one-year mark of Covid, which has been an extraordinarily awful time – for health, for anxiety, for social justice, for politics, for communities and for our families.

The Press

I’ve been doing yoga two mornings a week for a few months now. At first I wasn’t very good (although any yoga teacher will diplomatically tell you that just showing up and trying is all that’s necessary). I wasn’t super bendy, I didn’t know the difference between warrior poses, I had a hard time remembering

You’ll Be Okay.

I had a baby in July and in the last weeks of being pregnant I used to hear this song on the radio all the time. It’s called You’ll Be Okay by a band called A Great Big World. Since I spent many hours each week this spring coaching leaders and to-be-leaders, I thought about