You’ll Be Okay.

I had a baby in July and in the last weeks of being pregnant I used to hear this song on the radio all the time. It’s called You’ll Be Okay by a band called A Great Big World. Since I spent many hours each week this spring coaching leaders and to-be-leaders, I thought about them when this song came on. Coaching involves support and I hear from clients who else they count on for support at work.

I got this weird idea to make a music video for this song but assumed it was being 9 months pregnant. And yet.

I kept thinking about it during maternity leave and a couple months back I decided to do it. Instead of holiday cards this year, I’ve got a music video for you all. (Do you know how scary it is to sing in front of a computer destined for others’ viewing? WELL. IT IS.)

If you’re anticipating tough holidays or having a hard time at work or stumbling through a relationship with a family member, here you go. You’ll be okay. That’s the message and here are 10 other companies who share in supporting humans all over.

Many thanks to the awesomely brave folks at: Fastspot, SEER, Yellow Pencil, Planet Argon, Fresh Tilled Soil, Pixo, 352, Kin HR, Chromatic and Plank. It’s been amazing to see so many brave souls sing a cheesy song together for others. Happy Holidays!