The Press

I’ve been doing yoga two mornings a week for a few months now. At first I wasn’t very good (although any yoga teacher will diplomatically tell you that just showing up and trying is all that’s necessary). I wasn’t super bendy, I didn’t know the difference between warrior poses, I had a hard time remembering to breathe, let alone track my movements by breath.

But I’m a little bit better these days. You know, practice makes better.

Sometimes I’ll be doing a pose and Elizabeth, our teacher, will come over to my mat. She’ll press a muscle or area of my body, pushing into whatever we’re stretching. (Today, for example, it was my side while we bent our arms over our heads). She’ll breathe slowly and press gently into a spot where the work is happening, often a blind spot that I’ve forgotten to keep track of. It is such a great reminder that such a spot exists, that focusing on that exact point can make my yoga work better and more fulfilling.

This is what I wholeheartedly believe about coaching. The truth is, you can get through anything on your own, particularly if you’re self-aware, reflective and willing to work. But to have a trusted coach press on an area where they see growth about to bloom or a challenge they believe you can meet? It really helps.

I’ve got a couple spots opening up for leadership coaching in Q4. If you would like to support a member of your team through coaching, shoot me a note and we can talk!