Manager’s Special: spare change

My husband dumps all of his spare change on his nightstand every night. Then every few months I haul it to TD Bank, where I play that game in which you dump it in the giant cylinder and guess how much you have. I am always wildly off. I guess something like $6 and it’s more

Manager’s Special: replacing a beloved team member

There’s someone on your team who embodies the spirit, heart and work ethic you value most at your company. This priceless person just walked into your office and told you (hopefully gently) that it’s time for him to leave the company. She needs to stretch different muscles or he got the opportunity to build robots

Manager’s Special: dealing with a bad attitude

I went to my local branch of the Brooklyn Public Library the other day to pick up a book I’d put on hold. When I couldn’t find it on the shelves, I approached the woman working the help desk. She looked it up and saw that it had mistakenly been sent to a different branch,

Manager’s Special: the demotivated employee

You can see it in the way a person walks. His shoulders are hunched. Her head hangs a second too long before she looks up. He leaves the office quietly at the end of the day, slipping out unseen because, of course, he fears he is. If you’re managing a demotivated employee on your team,