How to give a performance review

Performance reviews are opportunities to listen to one another and mutually define future success. How does the company see you? And how do you see yourself?

On managing new (old) coworkers

I recently started a new job as a manager and several of my team members are previous coworkers… as I am new to management, I really don’t know if that is an old way of thinking and I don’t want to make a critical mistake. What do you think?

Gardening Your Team

Some people have fully lived their lifecycle in their current environment. Things have run their course and you have pruned, supported and done enough. When your employee has gone to flower and they’re ready to move on, departures are welcome on all ends.

Manager training: behind the music!

Every day I coach emerging leaders as they move into managerial roles and I hear the same themes in all of our conversations: – How do I know if I’m doing well? – I miss being in the weeds of the work. – Humans are exhausting me. – I hear about the problems but I

On Managing Your Friends

“I’ve had to delete texts lately,” my client said. “I start typing but realize partway through that it isn’t cool to share what annoys me at work with her anymore.” Holy cow, the complexities of promotions in friendly workplaces. You used to be peers. You talked over lunch about your days, you rolled your eyes

Diversifying the Career Race

I’m training for a 5k. I told my 4-year-old a month ago that I was starting to practice running so I could run a race before the summer.“Are you going to win the race?” he asked. I told him no, that I wasn’t going to win and he looked sad. “Maybe you’ll win, mom! Maybe

Stuff the Envelopes

In my first job out of college, I worked for a non-profit school. As part of my role I had to produce a quarterly newsletter that would be mailed to all 500 families. This meant that once a quarter, I picked up boxes (upon boxes) of the newsletter at our printer, labeled big envelopes and

Retention and Plastic Eggs

I coach employed people all week. I also coach employers. And all those hours of human talking has led me to a fundamental belief about the nature of employment: individuals and companies are like two sides of a plastic Easter egg. Healthy companies use managers to pay attention to the way they CLICK. (Stay with

Announcing: So Now You’re A Manager

“The leadership is flagging.” This is the most common sentence I write in audits. You know why? (Get ready, it’s a shocker…) Being a leader is REALLY EFFING TIRING. Management can be such thrilling work. You are empowering humans to succeed! But it’s challenging work, it never ends and opportunities for training are few and far between. What