Layoffs in tech?

The world benefits from making you feel scared about the future and there are days when it feels like the sky is falling. Here’s what I have to say: be smart and make good choices…

Hire these people.

Next week I’m speaking to a group of students at Dickinson College, a small, liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. It will be my first time in an undergraduate classroom since my days at Muhlenberg (another small, liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, wouldn’t you know it?) and so much has changed about the world.  These people

5 ways the Property Brothers Should Inspire Your Hiring Practices

You’ve seen the show, right? Well if not, get watchin’. You have loads to learn from these demolition dudes. 1. You can’t afford move-in-ready. Your ideal candidate has 7 years experience architecting software, but in reality, someone with 4 years fits the bill. We often write job descriptions that are specific without the justification for