Dear Plucky #4: When to Quit

I am starting to seriously doubt my future with the company I currently work for. How do you know it’s time to leave? If it’s not time to leave, how do you make staying seem like a better option? Boy, this is a popular question. I want to start by saying that work and life

Manager’s Special: replacing a beloved team member

There’s someone on your team who embodies the spirit, heart and work ethic you value most at your company. This priceless person just walked into your office and told you (hopefully gently) that it’s time for him to leave the company. She needs to stretch different muscles or he got the opportunity to build robots

On career path: twists, turns and blind spots

I start every Monday morning at a cafe in Chelsea, where I have breakfast with a few other solo entrepreneurs. We update each other about our weeks, what our focus will be, where our travels are taking us. We teach each other how to use IFTTT; we recommend accounting software; we high-five about clients won

Does inspiration threaten retention?

Though I didn’t attend, Brooklyn Beta took place at the end of last week here in Brooklyn. Over a thousand people gathered in the Brooklyn Navy yard to listen to inspirational speakers and to meet each other. I had drinks with a few Beta attendees Friday evening after following along on Twitter, taking note of

Manager’s Special: the demotivated employee

You can see it in the way a person walks. His shoulders are hunched. Her head hangs a second too long before she looks up. He leaves the office quietly at the end of the day, slipping out unseen because, of course, he fears he is. If you’re managing a demotivated employee on your team,

Rust begets rust.

People are motivated by different things. Some people want money, some people want titles, some people want to be well-respected by the group of people they work with. Some want to feel they are making a difference in the world. And some would like, very specifically, to do anything that allows them to damn. the.