How to Prep for a Coaching Session

If you’re investing in coaching, you want to see that you’re making progress. Everyone, especially your coach, wants to feel that the time was well spent. Ideally, you will arrive to your coaching session with these three things…

On Future Goals

You could spend your entire life justifying the logic behind your 9-5 responsibilities. Recruiters are ready to make short work of your wondering. 401ks and mortgages and health benefits are all real concerns and I don’t mention them lightly… but what the hell are you doing in this life if you are ignoring your own answers?

How to Choose a Coach

You should trust that your vulnerability is an honor for someone to witness… and no matter how many podcasts and books and speaking tours a coach has marketed, do not hire them if they don’t make you feel safe.

Do I need a coach?

Trees, like humans, have better years than others. In good years, there is more water, good sunlight, less threats to the system. When you look at a tree’s stump, you can tell which years had better growing conditions and which years were really hard. Coaching is one resource that you may leverage to amplify your growing conditions. 

2020 Career Planning Guide

I write this guide every year to wake you up (or blow wind at you, if you are already awake). If you reached for this Career Planning guide, odds are good that you are looking for some movement. And looking for wind is the first step in getting your boat moving…

Career Planning Guide for 2018

Download it, print it, go find a mug of something warm and spend some time figuring out where you’re going. A year is going to pass either way; far better that you have your hands on the wheel!

Beyoncé vs. Ballads (Know Yourself)

  “So what’s #PluckyWomen?” I was standing at the bar, ready to order. I looked up from the drink menu at the dude next to me and in that second a song started playing over the speakers — the song I listen to when I’m writing big SOWs or prepping ambitious new pitches. Maybe it

How to Quit a Job

My son’s beloved preschool teacher unexpectedly quit before Christmas. We live in an expensive area of the country and, understandably, it turns certain industries into revolving doors of employment. Who can live in the Bay Area on small salaries? Not many. Though this is a really logical problem, her departure was a total shock to