Finding a sense of purpose with Tasia Potasinski

Name: Tasia Potasinski
Role: Director of Product Marketing
Company: Nylas
SNYAM cohort: 05 Dayton

The hardest thing I’ve ever encountered as a manager is:

All of the different personalities and communication preferences! Some people love Slack, others love email, while others yet prefer in person. Learning what works best for your reports is the best way to start a relationship with them.

If you’re thinking about moving into management, do this first:

Make sure you’re ready to be both a servant and a leader! Management isn’t top down directive, it’s almost entirely a support role.

I take care of myself by:

Going for a daily run each morning to clear my mind.

Here’s a practical tip about managing:

If you think someone is having a bad day (either personally or professionally) based on their body language or tone, they probably are. Take them for a coffee walk, and ask how they’re doing — you’ll likely be surprised by what they share and grateful that you asked.

My manager heart is happy when:

We’re hitting our goals as a team and everyone feels a sense of purpose.

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