Everything is Fine: an online experience

(The tldr; Everything is Fine is a course designed to support modern employees in a tumultuous world. Through lessons and creative activities, students will learn how to define their own limitations, work with frustrating colleagues, build community and set boundaries. This course combines tangible habits with relevant anecdotes and laughs as Jen coaches from the sidelines. Grab a spot!)

Here’s how I want you to feel:

… like even if you are in a low, even if the world around us is bad, even if Dave in accounting is pissing you off, you want to feel better. I want you to feel better.

By mid-January, I was ending almost every coaching session with the feeling that I had two options: send flowers or send lunch. To see such struggle was heart-wrenching. Omicron + babies still at home + everyone asking for raises and/or everyone quitting their jobs + an impending world war. Shit. 

Because it’s not economically possible for me to send everyone flowers or lunch, I decided to help in a different way…

Today I’m launching Everything is Fine: 11 Habits to Create Stability at Work. EIF is an online experience that you can start right now, today. Other title options included:

  • Everything is Fine: guidance to ground yourself through change
  • Everything is Fine: how to give performance reviews in a broken world
  • Everything is Fine: take your weekly planning session and SHOVE it

For every habit, I’ve written you a story with guidance and reframing. Then I suggest a way to start the habit. (In times of stress, baby steps are v. important!). I suggest ways to continue the habit, regardless of the world around you. And then we do an art project together. (!!!!!)

Via video, I lead you in a creative exercise. I tell you about my own worries, routines, annoying people in my life and process real feedback I just received. You can show up with a Sharpie and paper or you can come with Gouache, Legos, post-its and markers. You do you.

Am I an art teacher? Nope. Am I a coach who thinks it’s valuable to get out of your own head via art while learning? Yeah. I am.

So I really hope you’ll join me. This class is cheap on purpose. I care more about reach than revenue on this one. Same as you, I can’t save the world. But I can help you define boundaries… and I can also paint you a happy little tree.

Grab a spot and jump in!