Day of Big Dreaming

“What do you want to be true about your life in one year?”

When coaching clients answer this question, they come up with all kinds of answers. They want better boundaries, the courage to start a business, broader impact or to find new purpose.

Never, never, has anyone said “in one year I’d like more of the same.”

This time of year is ripe for planning but if we’re not careful, we end up continuing the same old. I would like to invite you to stop the momentum of 2021 and dream a little bigger.

For the past eight years, I’ve reserved one day every December for a Day of Big Dreaming. After a while, people started to ask: what do you do during this day? So today I’m launching the Day of Big Dreaming e-course, an experience available from December 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022!

If you’re looking for a self-paced day of reflection, audacious dreaming and a break from the norm, check out more details about the 2021 Plucky Day of Big Dreaming!