So Now You’re a Manager

You’ve been promoted to manager, whatever that means. Congrats! Now the real work begins. Whereas you used to spend your days in code or pixels or in the weeds of your industry, now your currency is humans. And, news flash? Managing humans is a different ballgame.

This 2-day on-site workshop empowers the role of leadership in workplaces. We’ll address basic management skills and identify strategies for how to be successful. Attendees learn how to give feedback, how to earn trust and how to move things forward (which, at the end of the day, is one of the most important things managers do). Launch new management roles or refresh the work managers have been doing for years, all while building a leadership peer network within the company.


Whether it’s an Annual Retreat, Lunch & Learn or on-site workshop, there are many benefits in bringing a roomful of colleagues together to grow. Previous topics taught in-house at companies have included “Building a Custom Career Path,” “How to Have a Hard Conversation” and “The Perfect Fail: Overcoming Perfectionism.” Plucky works with your organization’s culture and current challenges to develop content for your group.

External speaking

Plucky is always open to new opportunities to share the concept of Adult Development. Please reach out if you’d like to book Jen Dary as a speaker at an upcoming conference.

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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

My team got so much value from just a couple hours of exposure to Jen. As soon as she left, my inbox was flooded by team requests for her to come back each quarter. What was even more impressive was seeing the ideas that she inspired during 1:1 sessions with team members come to life within a couple months after her being onsite.
Emily Allen / Director of Employee Development at SEER Interactive

Jen has spoken at two of our company events in the past year and both times has exceeded my expectations. Outside of having a great stage presence and compelling content, Jen does an excellent job of making the information digestible and relevant for employees in every one of our departments, which is no small feat when dealing with developers, designers, sales and project management!
Jennifer Fix / VP of Marketing & Client Services for 352 Inc.