Announcing: So Now You’re A Manager

“The leadership is flagging.” This is the most common sentence I write in audits. You know why? (Get ready, it’s a shocker…)

Being a leader is REALLY EFFING TIRING.

Management can be such thrilling work. You are empowering humans to succeed! But it’s challenging work, it never ends and opportunities for training are few and far between. What does a successful day look like as a manager? What are the nuts and bolts of the job? And why the hell is your calendar booked solid with meetings?

I’m beyond pleased to announce a new Plucky workshop that trains and develops new managers. So Now You’re a Manager is a 2-day onsite training for those who embody the scaffolding to your company’s success. I’ve been thinking about this for over 3 years and it feels so good to have it ready for the wild!

This workshop, for managers and emerging managers, helps define what your role requires of you. We’ll address basic management skills and identify strategies for how to be successful. You’ll learn how to give feedback, how to earn trust and how to move things forward (which, at the end of the day, is one of the most important things you’ll do).

Are you flagging? Do you have flagging managers who need a refresh or who are hungry for the first official management training of their lives? Then get in touch and let’s shore up some of the most important roles at your org: the people peeps.