Plucky coaching is heavily grounded in the concept of Adult Development. We believe that employees are adults who are learning at their desks and beyond and that workplaces are environments for growth.

The value in Individual Coaching is to have a safe place to work through the myriad of decisions, issues, advice and emotions that show up at work. The coach’s job is to support you in finding and representing your voice and growing through challenges as they come up.

Plucky also offers coaching for Leadership Teams, in which members of your Leadership Team rotate weekly through coaching. Periodically, we may meet as a group to discuss progress. Leadership Team coaching provides support for career-level discussions, healthy office dynamics, overcoming conflict, improving team morale, managing challenges and handling other management issues as they arise.

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Manager Training

This 2-day on-site workshop empowers the role of leadership in workplaces. We’ll address basic management skills with your Leadership Team and identify strategies for how to be successful. Attendees learn how to give feedback, how to earn trust and how to move things forward (which, at the end of the day, is one of the most important things managers do). Launch new management roles or refresh the work managers have been doing for years, all while building a leadership peer network within the company.

Professional Development Workshops

Whether it’s an Annual Retreat, Lunch & Learn or on-site workshop, there are many benefits in bringing a roomful of colleagues together to grow. Previous workshop topics have included Building a Custom Career Path, How to Have a Hard Conversation and The Perfect Fail: Overcoming Perfectionism. Plucky works with your organization’s culture and current challenges to customize content for your group.

**Note: These workshops are limited to the Bay Area for 2019.

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Employee Experience Audits

The insight gained from this type of audit is invaluable. It reveals what kind of work your employees want to be doing, what career path looks like at the org, and how to prepare for upcoming business goals. It can inform how to write job descriptions for the hires you’re anticipating and clarify the priority of these hires.

After interviewing your staff, we prepare a document which outlines the current strengths of your talent strategy, suggests opportunities for improvement and identifies specifics about individual employees (including flight risks and those with leadership potential). You’ll be able to walk this document into any strategic meeting and gut check all of your future plans against the team you’re currently leading. It also sends a very clear message to your people: “we’re planning for the future and you are part of it.”

Custom Projects/Assessments

Need help with a people project or assessment that isn’t outlined here? New ideas are always interesting to explore. Get in touch.

**Note: Consulting projects are limited to the Bay Area for 2019.

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Working with Plucky

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Jen took on a challenge for us that involved a new approach to performance reviews, handling interviewing, writing, and coaching, and working on a process that would scale out to our whole company. She did *outstanding* work, enough that my only hesitation in recommending her is that I want all of her time! She’s completely fantastic and it would be a mistake not to work with her.
Marc Hedlund / VP Engineering, Stripe

Talking regularly with Jen has been one of the best things we’ve done as the leadership of our company. Why? She’s has loads of experience dealing with the problems growing companies face, be it directly or indirectly. Not to mention she is just plain easy as hell to talk to. No matter what’s going on in my life, I won’t miss my turn to talk with Jen. Somehow after each session I feel renewed, like I can handle whatever is on my plate at the moment. Jen is a rockstar.
Chris Free / Partner at Chromatic