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What does a successful day look like as a manager? What are the nuts and bolts of the job? And how are you supposed to get anything done when your calendar is booked solid with meetings? So Now You’re A Manager is the leadership training you never had. Come for the support, stay for the sane peers and leave with tangibles that will change the way you steer your ship.

Who: Managers who have been in the role for 5 years or less

What: Define your leadership style, spell out what success looks like in the role, acknowledge why you deserve to be a manager, introduce yourself to accountability partners, talk genuinely about managing UP, practice hard conversations and build your local peer network. You’ll learn strategies for giving feedback, keeping 1:1s on the calendar and moving things forward. Then, a month after training, each attendee will have a 30 minute coaching call with Jen to check in on how you’re implementing what you learned.

When: Thursday, Oct 5–Friday, October 6, 2017

Where: Union Square, San Francisco, CA

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Here’s What Our Attendees Have to Say

Jen is so talented at understanding the challenges managers face and creating an environment where those challenges can be discussed and collective solutions formed.
Rama Poola / CEO, SkyHi

This is an amazing bootcamp for any new manager to learn the fundamentals of leadership. This is the REAL human stuff, not the good-on-paper stuff you read about in management books that you’ll never actually implement.
Danielle Harder / Director of Team, Yellow Pencil

Photo of Jennifer Dary, founder of Plucky

So Now You’re a Manager is taught by Jen Dary, founder of Plucky. Jen is a leadership coach and consultant who helps teams work better. She is an expert facilitator, connector of humans and believes strong managers are key to the success of any large group of humans.