Let’s Talk Career Path (Spring 2020)

“Career Path” is a well-trodden phrase for the work that’s going on underneath every project, meeting and workday but it can be challenging to interpret. What career path options does your company empower? Other than title and salary, how do you find opportunities for growth? And who is supposed to outline these opportunities?

This remote workshop is designed to challenge and inspire new concepts of career path for all in attendance. We’ll address what you’re hungry for, how you view their current role and how to raise your hands for new opportunities as they arise.


Workshop 1: Locating Yourself (3/4 at 9am PT)– In this workshop, attendees will identify their original intentions for their careers, consider how previous jobs led them to their current role and clarify the roles they find themselves in today. Attendees will be sent a simple tool ahead of time to prepare for the first session and given simple homework to prepare for the second workshop.

Workshop 2: New Path (3/18 at 9am PT) – In this workshop, attendees will apply the clarification gained in the first workshop to vision new opportunities and growth from where they are today. They will work together to challenge perspectives and build exercises to practice these new ways of thinking as homework. Homework will include a 1:1 call with another participant in the workshop.

Workshop 3: Making It Tangible (4/1 at 9am PT)- In this workshop, attendees will reflect on how their new perspectives have been successful (or not!). They will name their next chunk of path and commit to 3 tangible take- aways to be worked on in 2020.

Limited to 12 attendees, we will meet every 2 weeks for 1h15 to focus on the concept of Career Path. Attendees are expected to attend all 3 classes.

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Here’s What Attendees Have to Say

“The major lessons I took away from this program is that it’s important to dig deep down and find out who you truly are in order to have a fulfilling career and that it’s about making a career work for you vs. you working for a career.”

“Jen is the best at asking the difficult questions and facilitating the resulting conversation in a respectful and productive manner. She always manages to foster equal participation and helps groups learn as much from each other as they do from whatever topics and material were prepared in advance.”

“This ecourse made me think a lot more about the types of career paths there are, and that I need to be more vocal about what I want with managers.”

“Career Path doesn’t always have to be churn-and-burn for a 1-year goal that you only have because culture tells you that you should have it. I relearned that during this workshop.”