Employee Experience Audits

After interviewing your staff, we prepare a document which outlines the current strengths of your talent strategy, suggest opportunities for improvement and identify specifics about individual employees (including flight risks and those with leadership potential).

The insight gained from this type of audit is invaluable. It reveals what kind of work your employees want to be doing, what career path looks like at the org, and how to prepare for upcoming business goals. It can inform how to write job descriptions for the hires you’re anticipating and clarify the priority of these hires. You’ll be able to walk the document into any strategic meeting and gut check all of your future plans against the team you’re currently leading. It also sends a very clear message to your people: “we’re planning for the future and you are part of it.”

Performance Reviews

Whether you’ve got a review process up and running or you’re looking to create one, Plucky can help. Conducting performance reviews that are authentic to the culture of your organization and beneficial for everyone involved is vital when it comes to retention and team development.

Custom Projects/Assessments

Need help with a people project or assessment that isn’t outlined here? New ideas are always interesting to explore. Get in touch.

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Consulting with Plucky

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Jen took on a challenge for us that involved a new approach to performance reviews, handling interviewing, writing, and coaching, and working on a process that would scale out to our whole company. She did *outstanding* work, enough that my only hesitation in recommending her is that I want all of her time! She’s completely fantastic and it would be a mistake not to work with her.
Marc Hedlund / VP Engineering, Stripe

It’s magical. Plucky’s work allows a team to detach from internal perspectives, and have a colleague uniquely positioned as a consultant, which frees one up to be more honest. It also allows leadership to maintain a healthy relationship with colleagues, without getting bogged down in constant reviews and meetings. This process helped us see strengths in our employees we’d been unaware of, and think of resourcing them in different ways.
Tracey Halvorsen and Amy Goldberg / co-founders at Fastspot