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Here’s what’s great about coaching: you get to dictate what we talk about. All ups and downs of work life are fair game.

Here’s what’s great about coaching groups: you see yourself reflected in OTHER people’s paths while sharing and collaborating on the ups and downs of work life. And you feel less alone.

Does that sound like something you’ve been seeking? Cool.


There are three groups this summer:

Women Managers: Bimonthly from May – July
You are in a manager role and you’re a woman.

New Managers: Bimonthly from May – July
You’re likely in your first 3 years of managing and you’re looking for community.

Senior Managers: Bimonthly from May – July
You’ve had a few years experience managing or are a manager of managers. 


Facilitated by me (Jen Dary, leadership coach), these small groups are organized by theme and capped at 3 participants. There’s not an official curriculum besides the general theme; rather there is a structure and rhythm to the sessions that allows everyone to participate. Bring your tough days and invisible victories! All the team dynamics! Your own career path wonderings. We are here for all of it.


Other details:
$1,000 pp
We’ll coordinate our calendars to find a time that works for everyone in the group. We will laugh. And if you’ve ever had a class with me before, you can expect something random arriving via snail mail.

Boss or manager need convincing?
Download our one-sheet and send them the details!

Working with Plucky

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

"The first Small Group cohort was made up of awesome senior managers and I felt so lucky to have the chance to meet them all and learn about their individual paths! Jen is down to earth, fun, and real! What more could you want in a facilitator/coach?"

"Management is often solitary and I hadn't realized how powerful and necessary it was to have a group of supportive leaders to go to. I got promoted to Senior Engineering Manager this week, and the support of my Small Group was critical in that transition."

"The Small Group experience was uniquely helpful for me. As someone who has a variety of supports - an executive coach, a therapist, a supportive manager - there was still something special about having a group of peers *from different organizations* to connect with."

"I'm really grateful that I had a chance to be part of this excellent crew of humans."