“I should write a blog post!”


Sound familiar? Submitting to a conference, recording a podcast, writing a blog post… sharing your voice externally can be a valuable investment in your career but it’s nearly impossible to prioritize during a busy week at work. This 2-hour class will change that!

This class is for working professionals who need encouragement and accountability to complete the first draft of a blog post. You may decide to publish on your company’s internal blog, external public blog or your own personal blog (Medium counts!).

In preparation, you will read a few example blog posts to explore ideas and choose your topic before our session.

This is a generative class, focusing on outlines, defining audience, crafting and header images. Students will leave with seven new writer friends and a full first draft — or at least be well on the way!

This virtual class takes place on Friday, March 1 from 2-4pm ET.


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"Jen and the multitude of options that she/Plucky offers are somehow magically tangible and applicable to not only work life, but personal inner development as well."

"Jen has a true talent for breaking down constructs and re-illustrating them in a way that is eye-opening for anyone.”