How to Say No.

If you’re the person who says yes all the time, we have never heard you say no. And since there is not a person on this earth who has not wanted to decline things at some point, we start wondering: when is it a real yes? When is it a fake yes? In short, we stop trusting you.

Leaders in Grief

Part of the difficult work of being a leader is realizing that you have less time to get your shit together then others. It is part of the gig. That’s why it’s so important to have those tools and resources in place when things get hard.

On Managing Millennials

Dear Plucky, There are a variety of junior employees on my team. It’s been a joy to mentor them, but I’ve noticed that they interpret feedback in a very different way than I do. A small dose of constructive feedback can lead to a tailspin of anxiety, negative self-talk or even tears. Often, these conversations

A Human Disappointed Me.

  Dear Plucky, A human disappointed me today. What should I do? Love, Everyone — — — Dear Everyone, Oh, friend. Want to come sit for a few minutes? Let’s walk over here to this bench, the one that overlooks some nature. I like looking at nature when I’m having trouble with humans. Nature has

Dear Plucky #4: When to Quit

I am starting to seriously doubt my future with the company I currently work for. How do you know it’s time to leave? If it’s not time to leave, how do you make staying seem like a better option? Boy, this is a popular question. I want to start by saying that work and life

Dear Plucky #2: Team Player

Dear Plucky, What’s a good approach to doing performance reviews at a very small company? There is a sense among all of us that we want performance reviews, because we want to improve. But also that it’s awkward at best and dangerous at worst. Dangerous, meaning, changing the nature of a friendship or uncovering something

Dear Plucky: Leader of the Pack

Dear Plucky, I’m managing a new team, and they’re not exactly getting along well. We’ve had some tense meetings lately with lots of passive aggressive remarks. How can I help them trust each other and communicate better together? They’re all pretty different and don’t have a lot in common. I’m worried that we won’t be successful